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Why Make Art?

Art has been traced back as far as the Stone Age. Although there have been many theories as to why someone in that time period would have been drawing, I'd like to add my two cents.

I believe the desire to create is deeply ingrained within us from birth...and has been for everyone from the beginning of time. For example, when we were children, we would stack blocks, color in books, form Play-Doh into various shapes and sizes, and get excited at the thought of playing with watercolors. Sometimes that instinct is nurtured and those people are likely to go on to create art in various genres (even if for their own personal enjoyment). Other times, due to a myriad of possible circumstances, the necessities of life take over and so we focus on other pressing matters. Deep down, though, I believe there's a part of us that will always find some form of art to hold dear. Consider a chef, who arranges his meals in manners pleasing to the eye. Isn't that a representation of art?

In addition, I believe that we all want to be remembered. Creating art is a way to tell our story. Even the cavemen, whether they painted or drew for enjoyment, they also gave us a glimpse into their daily lives: the animals they saw, the way they hunted, what their surroundings may have looked like. As you continue down the years of history, you'll notice that kings and kingdoms, presidents and countries have documented their time in pieces of artwork: sculpture, paintings, and photography to name a few. Like those earliest humans, we too find a way to document our own lives in creative ways.

Remember how scrapbooking skyrocketed into popularity? The same is true of the current generation. How many apps have we downloaded that filter our pictures into creative masterpieces and then even more to adorn them with the perfect frame? The list could go on and on of how we artistically display our own personal history.

Although, there are many reasons to make art, these are a couple that I believe to be at the forefront of importance.

Originally written 21 Feb 2016 for a Discussion Post

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