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Novel Horizons Q&A with Shadow of a God Author, Derek Holbrook

Updated: May 30, 2021

Shadow of God Collage Illustration featuring Lilith, Ira, Ymir and Rena with King Solum in the rear Illustration Credit:  POP
Shadow of God Collage Illustration featuring Lilith, Ira, Ymir & Rena with King Solum (rear) Illustration Credit:  POP

DALLAS, TEXAS: On Saturday, April 10th, 2021, Novel Horizons, an independent Original English Light Novel (OELN) book publisher held a Twitch Livestream to celebrate the launch of Shadow of a God - Volume 1. This Q&A session with author, Derek Holbrook, covered everything from his collaboration with Japanese graphic artist, POP, and character insights to merchandise and the meat of the story, and well...perhaps some lighthearted references to cheese, as well.

The launch was hosted by Novel Horizons founder, Jonathan Solis and gave the opportunity for Twitch.TV streamers to participate by asking basically any question they wanted, which can be a difficult ask when you're avoiding spoilers. Participants gained exclusive insight into the story beyond its synopsis below:

Shadow of a God follows the young, Ymir who was born with a mysterious black mark on his body and abandoned as a child. Although taken in by a loving family in the peaceful frontier village of Umbrium, he finds himself battling political schemes and prejudices of the Imperial King, all while struggling to find answers to his past and confronting his inner demons as well as those that wish to use him for his power.

Texas-based Novel Horizons expects to deliver Shadow of a God - Volume 1 pre-orders in both print and on digital platforms as early as May 2021.

Enjoy these clips from the launch party:

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