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ORLANDO, FL On March 26, My-Con welcomed fans to the Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center to revel in their favorite things from anime to Star Trek and all fandom in between. There were visits from Stormtroopers, a maid cafe (hosted by Cafè au Lait: Butler & Maid Cafe), a plethora of artists sharing their works and of course, cosplay!

There were three cosplay contests: a kids contest for ages twelve and under, where everyone who participated got a prize, a teen contest for those aged thirteen to seventeen and an adult contest for eighteen-year-olds and up. While craftsmanship was definitely considered, the focus on these contests was to make sure everyone who participated was able to just enjoy being a part of the process. Veteran cosplayer, Mana T, hosted both the teen and adult competitions while in full Zora Ideale costume from Black Clover and was also a part of the judging panel, along with My-Con founders, Danielle and Laura as well as yours truly.

The winner of the Teen Most Creative award was Peachi as the fan-created hybrid character, Boosette of Nintendo's Super Crown family and First Prize was taken by Star who stole the show as a gender-bent version of the brilliant supervillain, Megamind. For the adult division, Most Creative went to Anthony and Mary Ann Alligood as Rangers from Dungeons and Dragons, while Skar wowed as the earthbending Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender, securing First Place. Although there must always be winners, My-Con’s cosplay contests are an amazing way for new cosplayers to become introduced to sharing their creativity with others in a non-threatening, fun-focused way.

As a company who focuses on appreciating artistry, we here at Apoa Promotions and Artistic Collections love to work this family-friendly (and budget friendly) event. Sharing photographs that highlight the people who give of their time to create a place for guests of all ages to enjoy gathering together to celebrate fandom in all its various forms and to spotlight some of the amazing costuming, makeup and art is definitely an adventure…and a favorite. Have fun taking a look!

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