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Book Review: Wings by Nicole Harman

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Ever wonder what it would be like if your coming-of-age was observable to the world with merely a glance?

Nicole Harman’s Wings brilliantly conveys her main character’s fervent emotions and feelings of vulnerability as her dream of perceptible maturity (literally getting her wings) takes her on a road paved with unexpected twists and turns.

Esmari (the main character) comes from a loving and nurturing family. Her longtime and best friend, Hunter, is equally supportive of her no matter what. The playful dynamic between these characters is heart-warming and evokes that fuzzy feeling you desire when craving the comfortable feeling of a tender home.

In an effort to restrain myself from divulging too much, I can only say that although Esmari has a strong support system to help her through the struggles all teenagers of Athra must endure, she is ultimately thrust into the unknown.

Harman’s descriptive writing style transported me into her main character’s life, vividly feeling what it was like to walk in her shoes. Whether she was experiencing uncertainty, inadequacy, triumph, sorrow or just the sights and smells of home, you’ll feel like you're traveling this journey with her.


Although this is Harman’s debut Indie novel and you will encounter a few grammatical and spelling errors along the way, I would definitely not let that keep you from reading this YA fantasy. Her storytelling won me over in the end and I’m excited to see what her second book in the series will hold. Purchase this now! It's available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WalMart and others, in both digital and paperback versions.


  • Size: 5” x 7” x .625”

  • Weight: 9.9 ounces

  • Binding includes title and author’s name on a 90 degree angle, tilted right

  • I loved that this paperback cover had an almost velvety feel to the touch, but beware. It shows oils quite easily. If you’re a collector, you may want to handle this one with gloves.

  • The cover art by Cory DeYonker was beautiful and mysterious with a copper-gold streak shooting across its lonely, blackened canvas. The design had me pondering how it would fit into the narrative, but it turned out to be a major part of the story without divulging its significance.


Some violence, although not graphic


Official Wings Overview

In a land where Royals are chosen and having wings is the sign of maturity...

All Esmari had ever dreamed of was the day she would grow her wings. Wings meant opportunities, possibilities, and the freedom to be anything and go anywhere she wanted. There was just one problem; Esmari was still waiting on her wings to come. But, are wings really everything she thought they were, or do they come with more responsibilities than she is ready for?


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