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Illustrated White Cats



Since 2015 we’ve been promoting the Arts and the artists who create it via our Appreciation of Artistry social media pages. Fast forward to the fall of 2020 and we took the plunge to promote the Arts in a new way! Each of our family, loving many different forms and genres of art as well as being blessed to be a part of it, decided to form Apoa Promotions and Artistic Collections, LLC.  


We’re excited to share merchandise that focuses on artistry in its many forms, create products designed specifically FOR artists and people who love the Arts, as well as having some additional merch that’s just for fun! 


We will be expanding into promoting up-and-coming artists, editing manuscripts, and much more. You can also catch us at various conventions (we’ll give you a heads up when). 


Don’t worry. We’re still here to share a little art history, give news about artistic events, highlight artists, new and old, professional and amateur...and especially those who just love to do what they do.


Thank you for joining us as we appreciate the beauty and joy of artistry, in all its forms.

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